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Goodbye, South East Asia

Day 98 of Asia 2019 trip

By Ippy

9 minute read

Street in Hekou, China

Street in Hekou, China

A had checked the weather for Lijiang, China and the horizon was not looking good. The rain was forecast to start on Sunday, and he really really wanted to do Tiger Leaping Gorge in good weather (well, there's just no other way to do it, really) so we have to vamos and get out of Vietnam. It's supposedly rainy season around this time of the year for Lijiang (which looked like it would start this Sunday). Sigh, there goes my plan of staying in Sa Pa town for 2 more days :\

So… goodbye South East Asia. It's been fun. I'll miss you!

HELL-OH China! We will be spending a TONNE of time in the Middle Kingdom.